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NASA discovered new planet excites the K-Pop lovers – ABTS

NASA discovered new planet excites the K-Pop lovers

Twitter user @paintwater_bobaposted recently posted bot-generated pictures of NASA discovered new planet named TOI 1338 b. The visuals may have scientific hints, but the K-Pop lovers have their own reasons to cherish the images.

As soon as the pictures hit the social platform, netizens started comparing the planet’s color manifestations with the visuals from the BTS and other K-Pop’s releases. 

A few comments from the discussion are:

“Thinking about….. Jin’s BE concept room https://t.co/yyZAfwjvC9 pic.twitter.com/DVit5zsVgr

— Seokjin neck enthusiast (@rjsbandana) January 18, 2021.”

“probably looks like this there@TXT_members @TXT_bighit https://t.co/MZl1kT3BNq pic.twitter.com/QCBn32Yg1R

— jamin‧₊✚˚. tyunning au (@lovablehyuka) January 18, 2021

“so they finally found the planet taeyong’s from https://t.co/3EJN90Ss2s pic.twitter.com/TSWv84HWXZ

— lulek (@karinasrose) January 17, 2021

Reportedly, a 17-year intern at NASA last year discovered the planet. The pictures have gone viral and racked up thousands of likes.

#TOI 1338 b

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